Oakland Parking Lot Maintenance

East Bay Mobile Wash provides parking lot maintenance in the San Francisco Bay Area. The parking lot is the first thing customers see when they arrive to a business, so it is crucial for businesses to sustain a clean facade.  It is also important to be sure that your parking lot is safe for any visitors you may have.

Dirt, debris, and littered trash can all accumulate in your business, commercial property, or real estate parking lot. East Bay Mobile wash will thoroughly clean and remove all contaminants from your property. This also includes sharps containment. Medical waste like needles are considered biohazardous waste and need to be removed by a professional cleaning service.

Parking Lot Maintenance Services include:

  • Weed Abatement.
  • Shrub Pruning.
  • Wild Grass Cutback.
  • Trim Walkway(s)
  • Cuttings & Brush Disposal
  • Stray trash collection.
  • Sharps containment
  • storm drain cleanout
  • Mulching Service

Without regular maintenance, your parking lot will sustain signifigant damage as time passes. East Bay Mobile Wash also provides landscaping for your parking lot and surrounding area.

Allow the team at East Bay Mobile Wash to keep your property grounds in the best condition. We are proud to service the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, and other surrounding areas. Contact us today to see how we can improve your businesses parking lot today!