Oakland Power and Pressure Washing Services

East Bay Mobile Wash provides the people of the San Francisco Bay Area with the safest, most environmentally friendly pressure washing services. On the surface, pressure washing doesn’t appear to be that challenging of a service, however that cannot be further from the truth. Specific materials require different levels of pressure, techniques, and precautions in order to complete the job. There is no questioning the value of an experienced, professional pressure washing company. East Bay Mobile Wash has 19 years of experience performing pressure washing in Oakland, San Francisco, and other surrounding cities.

Conserving Water

California has an unprecedented shortage of fresh, drinking water. Our pressure washing company makes sure we are doing our part to conserve that fresh water. One precaution we take is using only recycled water on all our pressure washing services. We believe that the long term sustainability of our state is directly reliant upon companies striving to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Pressure Washing in Oakland

East Bay Mobile Wash uses a mobile power washer to clean the surfaces of commercial buildings, boating equipment, railroads, solar panels, storm drains, and plenty more! We will have a cleaning solution in mind for your specific property. For a complete list of pressure washing services, please visit our services page!


Please contact East Bay Mobile Wash for more information. We look forward to answering all of your questions.