Pressure Washing with Recycled Water

Environmentally Conscious Cleaning – Because we care!

The most pressing issue that California is facing today is the drought that our state is experiencing. Rest assured that East Bay Mobile Wash has arrived at the following conclusion: no one person can solve the water shortage. It takes the collective efforts of California’s socially conscious and unified citizens to come together to protect our waterways. East Bay Mobile Wash is doing our part as an eco-friendly washing company by conducting washes with recycled water.

History of Washing With Recycled Water

The use of recycled water in commercial applications has been a standard practice in California for many years. California adopted regulations for using highly-cleansed wastewater in 1918, and have been making improvements to the use and transport of recycled water ever since. While recycled water has been deemed safe for many applications, it isn’t safe for consumption, therefore, it is kept completely separate from the drinking water supply. East Bay Wash company is an eco-friendly washing company that does it’s part by adopting the use of recycled water in our business.

Applications of Recycled Water

Since adopting this new policy, California businesses have been creative with their use of recycled water. Below is a short list of common uses that recycled water is used for:

  • Pressure wash with recycled water has become the standard in California.
  • Landscapes and agricultural plots are typically watered using recycled water.
  • Industrial complexes utilize recycled water in their chemical processes.
  • Environmentalists transport recycled water to the wetlands to restore these ecosystems.
  • Commercial buildings can use recycled water in their toilets.

East Bay Mobile Wash is proud to say that we are an eco-friendly washing company! We are just one of the many businesses around California that does their part by performing washes with recycled water.

East Bay Mobile Wash Recycled Water Services

Look no further than East Bay Mobile to transport recycled water right to your door. If you need water for plants, gardens, and lawns we can provide you with 15, 30 or 55-gallon Polyethylene barrels. Please contact us now for inquiries and the best time to schedule your delivery!